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Fundamental Bounds

FunBo is a package for the computation of physical limitations on selected electromagnetic metrics based on linear or quadratic forms. A typical workflow contains definition of the optimization problem, evaluation of required method-of-moments (MoM) matrices, and initialization of an appropriate solver. AToM can be used to compute the matrices, utilizing either volumetric MoM or surface equivalence MoM. Many standard optimization problems (e.g., minimum Q-factor, maximum radiation efficiency, maximum gain) are already implemented in the package as examples. The package also allows to setup partial control over the total degrees of freedom using separation into the controllable and uncontrollble regions. Current examples are based on AToM functions evaluating the MoM matrices, however, the core functions of the package are standalone and can be also used with user supplied matrices.

The package and documentation are still under construction.

Visit Documentation and arXiv.

Download package FundamentalBounds.



Examples need AToM package to operate (at least its free version).

FunBo (Fundamental Bounds)
(ZIP, 69.41 kB)
version from Aug 22, 2022

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Fundamental bounds in electromagnetism

The talk gives a brief overview of the history and current developments within the topic of fundamental bounds to electromagnetic metrics. The mathematical formulation of the underlying problem, based on the field integral equations and duality, is to be sketched and accompanied by selected examples ranging from static fields and optimal magnetic traps over radiofrequencies and optimal antennas to optics and optimal lenses.